Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How To Turn On Or Off The Bcc Box In Hotmail

We use mailing services generally to compose, send and receive mails. But there are other services also that these mailing sites offer. Not only you can compose a mail, you can modify it also according to your choice. There is a feature of sending mails not only to a single recipient but simultaneously to many different people. There again, you can choose whether you want other recipients to see your mailing list or not. This feature can be accessed by adding Cc or Bcc in your email composing window. Here, the Cc stands for carbon copy and Bcc for a blind carbon copy.

In this blog, Hotmail technical support has provided you the steps that you can follow while enabling Bcc in your Hotmail account. Before that, you need to learn what exactly a Bcc is? As the name suggests it is a blind carbon copy. It means whenever you add a recipient in this column then the receiver will not be able to see the other receivers. He will think as this mail has been sent entirely to him only.

Follow the below mentioned steps to turn this feature on in your account:

1.    First, create a new email message as usual and in that same composing window choose the options tab.
2.    You will be provided some columns there, press the show fields column.
3.    Finally select Bcc to go into its domain.
4.    Here, add your other recipients and compose the mail as usual.
5.    Select send when you are done with your changes.

To turn this feature off, while composing your mail go to the options and there select this column and turn it off in the similar way as you have turned it on. You can distinguish between the two modes by looking the color of the box. If it is darkened then it is on otherwise off.

You can do many more exciting tasks with your Hotmail account. If you still have any query then you can Contact Hotmail support Number Australia +(61)283206010  anywhere round the clock. This team of experts will make sure that your problem is solved permanently with minimum wastage of time.

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